House-2.jpgThe Spirit of House
Sibylle Faessler's work as a session singer had influence on many house productions throughout the last few years. Her feeling for hooky melodies and lyrics have been appreciated by many producers within this certain scene.

Syb - Golden RuleGrooveprofessor (Producer of Remady's "No Superstar") worked out a catchy remix of "Sibylle's" first single "Golden Rule"!
Deeptown Music, a label who still supports the old school classic vocal house style, got hold of this hooky track and released it, adding three more remixes (Ray Paxon/Clemens Rumpf/Luis Radio & Spellband), this March 2012!

Always to be continued
The famous house label "Purple Music" has released the song "Music Is My Shelter" featuring Syb and Freda Goodlett. This amazing old school vocal house track has once again been produced by Grooveprofessor and Ray Paxon.

Sibylle has been working within the house music scene for instance with:

Remady & Player
Rawsoul Orchestra
Ray Paxon
Steven Stone
John Lucas
and many more...